HIMSS Executive Institute Leadership Live

   Dallas, TX | May 14-15, 2018

Leadership Live Dallas
May 14-15, 2018 | Dallas, TX

Avera Health Case Presentation

May 14, 2018
4:00pm - 4:30pm
Children's Medical Center Dallas

Bridges Between Population Management and Telemedicine

On the journey to transition from a fee-for-service reimbursement model to a model that assumes both risk and reward for managing a specified population, Avera Health has found a significant benefit in using telemedicine tools and business models to improve care, outcomes and cost efficiency in targeted populations. Avera eCare has established services in 14 states, with a track record of lowering labor and transportation costs, improving outcomes, and leveraging scarce professional skill sets in multiple population settings – including institutional, payer and disease-specific.

Key drivers of sustainable business models that emphasize maximization of licensure, cross-disciplinary consultation, national and international network connectivity, multiple EMRs and innovation test-beds will be discussed. Examples will include emergency services, urgent care, senior care, employee care, pharmacy services, school and correctional unit services, direct to consumer, and behavior healthcare delivery models.

One story of the power of linking telemedicine to a rural population is that of little girl Fera Heckman when she was on a 4H trip in Montana in 2016. After the ATV she was riding on with a friend rolled over, Fera was pinned underneath and unresponsive. The group was an hour from the nearest hospital and 20 minutes from the highway. As Fera gasped for air, the group was able to pull the ATV off her and then drive to the highway, where an ambulance was waiting for them. It would be another 30-minute drive to Sheridan Memorial Hospital in Plentywood.

By the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital, staff at Sheridan had connected to Avera eCare eEmergency, where emergency medicine specialist Dr. Brian Skow was waiting on the other end of a video monitor. While Fera had multiple injuries, her collapsed lungs were the most critical. The Sheridan team, assisted by Skow, was able to stabilize her. She was then flown to St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, where she stayed for two weeks and was treated for numerous injuries.

Thanks to telemedicine, Avera was able to bring its level-one trauma center to Fera, who was some 700 miles away. Fera survived the accident only because of the skill of the staff at Sheridan and the ability of Dr. Skow to direct the staff through Avera’s telemedicine platform.  


SVP and CIO, Avera Health

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